Inside the Turtle King

the lizard librarian attacks us and is trying to eat us! We easily slay him, and find a room guarded by three medium sentient turtle skeletons. We trick them a little into letting me cast animate dead on them so they are now under our control for 24 hours (we promise they can be the turtle king).  They are guarding three rooms and behind one is a prison with Sarah, the Whistle Deer herder. In the second door is a man with a turtle for a head, who wants to be turtle king, and he is guarding a lot of treasure. We fight him and during the fight NIck finds in the chests 4 gold crowns, a curly (magic?) dagger.I find in a chest a potion of man into turtle, and an obsidian statue of a turtle. I find 3 small silk embroideries. We kill the turtle head man.

NIck drinks the man into turtle potion. He gains a turtle shell and gains +1 AC. We go down a hidden tunnel that Sarah says leads to a place to kill the turtle king. It turns out she is an assassin who was contracted by an unknown client to kill the turtle king. She kills the turtle king, and we give the skeleton the power of the turtle king, and they take over the body of the turtle king. They become the king of the plains town, we call it Donut Plains. 

We stop in Mud Cave on the way to the ocean, to get saltwater for the sloth people. We check on Tlumbobub and Poopinello. They are doing a good job governing the town. 

The obsidian statue can make 5 regular turtles or 1 sentient turtle a day out of a stone. I expend the sentient charge on the planet? 

We give the sloth people the water we owed them and we give our ally the turtle king the turtle statue.  The sloth people ask us to kill the awful elephant monsters, we do. 

Tlumbobub asks us to find poopinello, and he provides a map.


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