We go looking for Poopinello, whom we easily find inside a planar portal that goes to a restaurant. He is with some wizards and they are eating magical sentient beings?  We rescue a minotaur and make him whole, and he grants us each a wish. We wish for some cool magic items (cloak of stars? is what i get). Alex wishes to know about the frog pope and has a vision

|A vision pierces your mind. You are filled with knowledge and images of Laogzed the devourer, a giant oozing toad. You know that he has been doing all he can to manipulate the people of this continent into entropy and destruction. You know he has made many deals. Most important among these he has made a deal with the Frog-Pope that should the Frog-Pope control the upper side of the continent he will allow the Frog-Pope immortality while the land withers and is corrupted by the oozing green touch of evil. You know that the Frog-Pope has been imbued with a divine green oozing blood that will protect him from death. The only way to kill the Frog-Pope after his deal is to separate him from the pulsating eye he keeps in an amuley around his neck. Even more mysterious, however, you learn of the cult of Laogzed deep underground that wishes to worship and control him. They reside deep beneath the ground to the north east and believe in a prophecy that foretells Laogzed’s birth as a mortal creature. In your all powerful knowledge of Laogzed you know that this has already, in fact, happened, and that a portion of Laogzed's divine power has descended unto your realm. Suddenly you are aware that Tlumbobub, though he does not know it, is the near all powerful incarnation of the evil toad god. Should he be killed, Laogzed would be stripped of much of his power. That said, Tlumbobub the Divine incarnation could lend useful help to someone who could unlock his power through an ancient ritual known only by the cult of Laogzed and its followers. Laogzed wants to consume the continent you stand upon, letting his gaping jaws pull it into the sea, feeding his infinite hunger. This is his primary motivation and all other deals and alliances are secondary. You also become aware of an empty shrine dedicated to Laogzed that has unknown divine and magical properties. With this vision comes an intimate and terrifying knowledge of the divine. No longer does the world appear to you a transcendent system but instead an immanent plane in which the roles of God and man are unimportant.|

 Poopinello agrees to help us defeat the pope if we can impress his friends with some cool wizard meal. I make crystalized jelly slugs inside chocolate geodes. They are impressed and agree to help. We invite the frog pope to bless me, pretending to be a duchess. He comes and we trick him into eating a brain swap caramel, and he switches bodies with tlumbobub, (the incarnation of laogzed). Tlumbobub is saved from being laogzed and gets to be pope. We kill the pope inside tlumbobubs body, but the heart wont stop pumping out green slime. Inside the slime are small worms that grow bigger with time. We can't staunch the flow of blood after an hour, so i use the cloak of stars to teleport to the astral plane with the heart where we leave it for someone else to deal with!

The End??


gladysuniverse gladysuniverse

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