Meeting with Lenarva


We get some info about meeting a man called Kug. We try to meet with him at his restaurant and he hides from us after we eat. We go to try to pay our bill but we are attacked by him and an evil cleric names Lenarva. We flee! 

we meet with a man called Ephon who is making a shadow golem. We thought he was (maybe accidentally) summoning the yeth hound. He did not make the yeth hound. He tells us that his goal is to destroy the city because it is foul and wicked, although he is also not a good person. 

We also meet Suzanne, the dyer.

We retreat to the inn outside of town and are attacked by shadow mastiffs! We fight them off and find that lenarva has summoned them. We capture her and get information from her. She hates everyone who is not human. She says that the church, essentially wants to murder people. People disappear often and we think that they are killed (raised from the dead) by the church. Her job is to assess newcomers to town for their "worthiness" for being killed by the church.  She tells us that she is associated with: Eleyn and Aldyl (they own a store together) , Kug and Suzanne (whom we know)

 Xale blesses her and she disintigrates! We go to see Suzanne and find out that Xale's locket (that he used to get his stag dyed) has been enchanted to make him do things against his will. It seems like Suzanne also disliked Lenarva and did not curse the locket, but it was cursed while it was in her posession.

Silkworm was skulking around and someone tried to arrest him.  As he flees arrest (maybe not by the police) the sun shines more brightly on him. We meet up again after he has evaded them. The sun is no longer shining especially on him.  




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