Fight with the Grim

Luthien- me- eldritch knight

Silkwormilkworm-monk, luke

Xale-paladin, alex

Silk and luthien meet, and i fetch some ale from outside the town for the barkeep at Quail's Alehouse. In town it is never night time! if you are near the town but not in it there are 2 suns visible in the sky. In the main part of the town are wealthy but there is a slum.

Silkworm struggles with not being allowed to leave the city and stay in his religious order.  No one will tell him really why he isn't allowed out of the city, but he is very curius. 

We fought some sharks because silkworm tried to catch one. 

Castle Ravenloft has been turned in Sancta Elverloft and it is a v. large church, attributed to the god Labelas Enoreth the god of time, history and Philosophy. His domains are arcnana and knowlede and his symbol is the setting sun (THE LITERAL SUN THAT IS ALWAYS SETTING ON THE TOWN)

Shady folks are always invited up to the church and there a lot of goings on that are mysterious. The leadership of the town is up some less than ideal. 

the grim i am hunting could be one of a few things.It could be a yeth hound an evil fey beast that can fey step. Foiled by sunlight, they fade to the ethereal plane if exposed to sunlight.  It could be a thorny,  a vegepygmy hunting dog, a plant. Made of fungus and mold. It could be a shadowmastiff, a monstrosity from the shadowfell, weak to sunlight, a packhunter, so it seems unlikely to be this, shadowmastiffs are often summoned to wreak havoc, but the summoning opens some kind of minor gate between the planes and often many shadowmastiffs pass through.  

Silkworm asks a child to run to warn us of the beast sneaking up on us, but the child is caught. Silkworm rushes out to warn us, but the beast makes a fear attack against us, terrifying silkworm. We know that it's not the Thorny, because we can see that the beast is not even touching the ground. We see that it is a Yeth Hound. 

A Yeth Hound has a human like face on a flexible snakey neck. It is 5 feet at the shoulder, and weighs 400+ pounds. 

We slay the Yeth Hound! The child is unconcious, but is now in his 20s.  Silkworm (an elf) has aged hundreds of years. he went from being about 200 to about 600.

No one in town recognized silkworm or the child (little stevie). This makes us think that many of the people who have short lives probably just died when they left town for the first time. 



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