Meeting with Lenarva


We get some info about meeting a man called Kug. We try to meet with him at his restaurant and he hides from us after we eat. We go to try to pay our bill but we are attacked by him and an evil cleric names Lenarva. We flee! 

we meet with a man called Ephon who is making a shadow golem. We thought he was (maybe accidentally) summoning the yeth hound. He did not make the yeth hound. He tells us that his goal is to destroy the city because it is foul and wicked, although he is also not a good person. 

We also meet Suzanne, the dyer.

We retreat to the inn outside of town and are attacked by shadow mastiffs! We fight them off and find that lenarva has summoned them. We capture her and get information from her. She hates everyone who is not human. She says that the church, essentially wants to murder people. People disappear often and we think that they are killed (raised from the dead) by the church. Her job is to assess newcomers to town for their "worthiness" for being killed by the church.  She tells us that she is associated with: Eleyn and Aldyl (they own a store together) , Kug and Suzanne (whom we know)

 Xale blesses her and she disintigrates! We go to see Suzanne and find out that Xale's locket (that he used to get his stag dyed) has been enchanted to make him do things against his will. It seems like Suzanne also disliked Lenarva and did not curse the locket, but it was cursed while it was in her posession.

Silkworm was skulking around and someone tried to arrest him.  As he flees arrest (maybe not by the police) the sun shines more brightly on him. We meet up again after he has evaded them. The sun is no longer shining especially on him.  



Fight with the Grim

Luthien- me- eldritch knight

Silkwormilkworm-monk, luke

Xale-paladin, alex

Silk and luthien meet, and i fetch some ale from outside the town for the barkeep at Quail's Alehouse. In town it is never night time! if you are near the town but not in it there are 2 suns visible in the sky. In the main part of the town are wealthy but there is a slum.

Silkworm struggles with not being allowed to leave the city and stay in his religious order.  No one will tell him really why he isn't allowed out of the city, but he is very curius. 

We fought some sharks because silkworm tried to catch one. 

Castle Ravenloft has been turned in Sancta Elverloft and it is a v. large church, attributed to the god Labelas Enoreth the god of time, history and Philosophy. His domains are arcnana and knowlede and his symbol is the setting sun (THE LITERAL SUN THAT IS ALWAYS SETTING ON THE TOWN)

Shady folks are always invited up to the church and there a lot of goings on that are mysterious. The leadership of the town is up some less than ideal. 

the grim i am hunting could be one of a few things.It could be a yeth hound an evil fey beast that can fey step. Foiled by sunlight, they fade to the ethereal plane if exposed to sunlight.  It could be a thorny,  a vegepygmy hunting dog, a plant. Made of fungus and mold. It could be a shadowmastiff, a monstrosity from the shadowfell, weak to sunlight, a packhunter, so it seems unlikely to be this, shadowmastiffs are often summoned to wreak havoc, but the summoning opens some kind of minor gate between the planes and often many shadowmastiffs pass through.  

Silkworm asks a child to run to warn us of the beast sneaking up on us, but the child is caught. Silkworm rushes out to warn us, but the beast makes a fear attack against us, terrifying silkworm. We know that it's not the Thorny, because we can see that the beast is not even touching the ground. We see that it is a Yeth Hound. 

A Yeth Hound has a human like face on a flexible snakey neck. It is 5 feet at the shoulder, and weighs 400+ pounds. 

We slay the Yeth Hound! The child is unconcious, but is now in his 20s.  Silkworm (an elf) has aged hundreds of years. he went from being about 200 to about 600.

No one in town recognized silkworm or the child (little stevie). This makes us think that many of the people who have short lives probably just died when they left town for the first time. 


Sancta Elverloft

We go looking for Poopinello, whom we easily find inside a planar portal that goes to a restaurant. He is with some wizards and they are eating magical sentient beings?  We rescue a minotaur and make him whole, and he grants us each a wish. We wish for some cool magic items (cloak of stars? is what i get). Alex wishes to know about the frog pope and has a vision

|A vision pierces your mind. You are filled with knowledge and images of Laogzed the devourer, a giant oozing toad. You know that he has been doing all he can to manipulate the people of this continent into entropy and destruction. You know he has made many deals. Most important among these he has made a deal with the Frog-Pope that should the Frog-Pope control the upper side of the continent he will allow the Frog-Pope immortality while the land withers and is corrupted by the oozing green touch of evil. You know that the Frog-Pope has been imbued with a divine green oozing blood that will protect him from death. The only way to kill the Frog-Pope after his deal is to separate him from the pulsating eye he keeps in an amuley around his neck. Even more mysterious, however, you learn of the cult of Laogzed deep underground that wishes to worship and control him. They reside deep beneath the ground to the north east and believe in a prophecy that foretells Laogzed’s birth as a mortal creature. In your all powerful knowledge of Laogzed you know that this has already, in fact, happened, and that a portion of Laogzed's divine power has descended unto your realm. Suddenly you are aware that Tlumbobub, though he does not know it, is the near all powerful incarnation of the evil toad god. Should he be killed, Laogzed would be stripped of much of his power. That said, Tlumbobub the Divine incarnation could lend useful help to someone who could unlock his power through an ancient ritual known only by the cult of Laogzed and its followers. Laogzed wants to consume the continent you stand upon, letting his gaping jaws pull it into the sea, feeding his infinite hunger. This is his primary motivation and all other deals and alliances are secondary. You also become aware of an empty shrine dedicated to Laogzed that has unknown divine and magical properties. With this vision comes an intimate and terrifying knowledge of the divine. No longer does the world appear to you a transcendent system but instead an immanent plane in which the roles of God and man are unimportant.|

 Poopinello agrees to help us defeat the pope if we can impress his friends with some cool wizard meal. I make crystalized jelly slugs inside chocolate geodes. They are impressed and agree to help. We invite the frog pope to bless me, pretending to be a duchess. He comes and we trick him into eating a brain swap caramel, and he switches bodies with tlumbobub, (the incarnation of laogzed). Tlumbobub is saved from being laogzed and gets to be pope. We kill the pope inside tlumbobubs body, but the heart wont stop pumping out green slime. Inside the slime are small worms that grow bigger with time. We can't staunch the flow of blood after an hour, so i use the cloak of stars to teleport to the astral plane with the heart where we leave it for someone else to deal with!

The End??

Inside the Turtle King

the lizard librarian attacks us and is trying to eat us! We easily slay him, and find a room guarded by three medium sentient turtle skeletons. We trick them a little into letting me cast animate dead on them so they are now under our control for 24 hours (we promise they can be the turtle king).  They are guarding three rooms and behind one is a prison with Sarah, the Whistle Deer herder. In the second door is a man with a turtle for a head, who wants to be turtle king, and he is guarding a lot of treasure. We fight him and during the fight NIck finds in the chests 4 gold crowns, a curly (magic?) dagger.I find in a chest a potion of man into turtle, and an obsidian statue of a turtle. I find 3 small silk embroideries. We kill the turtle head man.

NIck drinks the man into turtle potion. He gains a turtle shell and gains +1 AC. We go down a hidden tunnel that Sarah says leads to a place to kill the turtle king. It turns out she is an assassin who was contracted by an unknown client to kill the turtle king. She kills the turtle king, and we give the skeleton the power of the turtle king, and they take over the body of the turtle king. They become the king of the plains town, we call it Donut Plains. 

We stop in Mud Cave on the way to the ocean, to get saltwater for the sloth people. We check on Tlumbobub and Poopinello. They are doing a good job governing the town. 

The obsidian statue can make 5 regular turtles or 1 sentient turtle a day out of a stone. I expend the sentient charge on the planet? 

We give the sloth people the water we owed them and we give our ally the turtle king the turtle statue.  The sloth people ask us to kill the awful elephant monsters, we do. 

Tlumbobub asks us to find poopinello, and he provides a map.

just getting up to date
beginning to march 22

These notes are bad, like my memory 

On our way to a new continent, Mkali (me) cleric of selune, Domnus (Nick) Goliath rogue (? Swashbuckler) and Orlando? (Alex) halfling warlock are attacked on our ship by a Kraken. The kraken succeeds in sinking a majority of the fleet and we escape on life boats. The kraken bleeds a horrible viscous toxin, and we late discover the kraken is working at the behest of Laogzed or his followers ,(Chaotic Evil) troglodyte god of hunger. At some point we learn that the Bullywug empire has begun worship of Laogzed. We arrive in the port of False Treason . The Mayor is trying to expand settlement in the region, and enlists our help in scouting for possible locations.

We leave False Treason and head through the town of Mud Cave.  We investigate the murder of their mayor (i don't remember what happened with this) and the town elects a new mayor.

We leave Mud Cave and find an encampment of Gnome Terrorists (we heard about them from some merfolk we met, and that the gnomes were working for a MalRichard).  They are planning to flood the Gnome city in the underdark, by draining a lake (fed by a river?) onto the city. They are using merfolk slave labor. We handily slay the gnomes,(and a zombie merrow?) and find a bottle that can hold about as much water as half the lake.  

There is a hole (with a ladder) in one of the buildings that we don't go down. We talk to the merfolk back at the ocean and they ask us to negotiate with False Treason about shipping lanes over their holy places. We negotiate the shipping lanes and they tell us about MalRichard and how he was incharge of kidnapping the merfolk.  We stop back in mudcave and find Poopinello, who is a wizard who has accidentally turned himeself into a giant slug. We help him reverse the spell.  The new mayor is not doing his job so they elect poopinello instead. 

We leave to look for a suitable site to found the town the mayor of False Treason had asked us to find. We find a lake with a huge yellow fish in it. We call is Yellowfish Lake. There is a crazy man living near it, but he says he wouldn't mind a town being on the lake, so we select it as the location of the town.  We stop back in mudcave to find the people unhappy with Poopinellos leadership, so we hold an election and they re-elect Poopinello (WHATEVER!)

we go back to false treason, tell the mayor that we found a great place for the new settlement. We try to shop for magic items, but the man who sells magic items only sells junk (except the ring of celery speaking!).  We remember the hole in the gnome terrorist encampment and go down it, only to find a swift river at the bottom. 


Somehow we acquire a boat or something.  We stop at a dock nearby and find a ladder up to a gnome monastary (on the surface) and learn about the horrible crown of the gnome king, which hasnt been worn for 1000 (?) years. I want to wear but the monks wont let me. I am salty about this. We leave back down and take another ladder up which leads us to meet a Bullywug wizard who wants to be human (we can't help with this) but he agrees to come with us. 

Further down the river we find the bullwug city. We sneak in, looking for MalRichard.  We get into a scuffle with the local police, we behead MalRichard. We learn about the horrible Frog Pope, who has some real bad plans for the world (taking over the surface and maybe killing all non frogs? He works for Laogzed! no good) . We attempt to sneak into the frog papal palace. We wind up in a secret political prisoner prison beneath the regular prison. I meet a frog prophet who shows me a vision of a future in which the frog pope is defeated and it is imperative that we found 3 great cities. (good thing we already got yellowfish lake!). I take the frog prophet with me. 

We go back to Mudcave, and leave the frog wizard with Poopinello (the frog prophet too?)  We bring the merfolk MalRichards head. We decide to have no more dealings with them due to some of their bigoted views (marriage customs or something).  

We set off for the moutains to settle the second of the great cities. On the mountain we come across a long abandoned town called Townton. there was some weird necromantic activity and ghosts and stuff here. we meet a rockman (buer? xorn? something friendly but an earth elementaly) who is squishing a corpse, but the ghost of the corpse is still lingering. We find out the earth thing was placed by Poopinello 100s of years ago as a punishment for the ghost man banishing him. This was Poopinellos home town. I trade bodies with the rock man (usnig a brain swap caramel!) and enchant a bunch of small stones to be villagers in this abandoned town. We convince Poopinello to let this man finally die, and the large rockman becomes mayor (king? Emperor? ) all is well.


On our way back from the mountain we run into a giant tortoise who calls himself "the Turtle King" who is looking for his people. We agree to help him found a town (our last one!). He drops some sealed scrolls and Orlando? opens one and the Turtle King punishes us all (i feel bad about this, as i warned the turtle king that orlando? would open a scroll) by trapping us inside a demiplane (sort of) inside his crown. 

Inside the crown we are trapped inside a tiny room. We find a way out, into another, larger room wich contains a stained glass window and an ivory statue of a tortoise. Invesitgation reveals that inside the tail of the statue is a looking glass that shows a secret door and chandelier inside this room. pulling the chandelier opens the secret door and we fight an ooze that has tortoises(mundane) inside it. We slay the ooze and find a library in the next room curated by an iguana, who agrees to help us find the way out as long as the turtle king doesnt find out he helped us. 

Domnus sneaks up the bookshelves into an attic in which is a large stained glass window that over looks the real world! He finds that exiting through this window would leave us miniscule (~ant sized) so we rule that out. 

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